Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I Can Feel My Brain Shrinking

So I was watching Jerry Springer the other day and I had a few questions. Besides “Why the hell am I watching Jerry Springer?” that is.

First, “Do these people get that Jerry is making fun of them?” I am thinking no, since they are on the show in the first place. They aren’t a bus full of brain surgeons, that’s for sure. I actually have a little more respect for Jerry, because he actually seems to get that he is parading the shallow end of the gene pool past us on a daily basis.

Next, “Who is having sex with these people?” I mean really, there are people here with as many children from as many different women as I have had sex with in my whole life! (I’m not posting that number, my mother reads this.) Even the most ignorant of folks have to realize that these people are not remotely close to attractive. (Although a woman with no teeth does have one advantage.)

Then, “How do they get people to go on this show?” I get that they have people calling in and wanting to be on the show, but if I were to get a call from the Jerry Springer show, (Or any of it’s brethren.) I would immediately assume that my girlfriend/wife is either cheating on me, or is a man. So how do they get the unknowing people on this show? I am guessing it has to be piles of money. Big ones.

Lastly, “How am I ever going to get this hour of my life back?”

At least I was reading during the commercials.


Random Fact: There used to be cartoons on T.V. every Saturday morning. On every channel.


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