Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My Mother fed us GARBAGE!

And we loved every bite of it! In fact we begged for it!

An old family favorite, which I (Nor my dad or brother.) have had for years is Sandwiches de Basura or, Sandwiches of Garbage in English. They are beyond yummy.

Well except for the beets.

But the proof of my mother's love for me is that she cooks the beets on the side and lets those who want beets (Everyone but me.) add them on their own. I don't know why I have never liked beets, but I don't. And, I have recently found out, they make your pee come out red! How cool gross is that?

Back when my father was much younger and still living in Honduras, there was a woman who had a cart, from which she sold chicken sandwiches. She called them Sandwiches de Pollo, (Chicken Sandwiches.) but her customers started calling them Sandwiches de Basura because they had everything in them. The name caught on and an aunt of mine was able to get the recipe.

Anyway, I have translated the very old and worn recipe for those who might want to try this culinary delight. Be forewarned, there is a lot of chopping and the end result is messy to eat. But SO worth it!

Sandwiches de Basura
Serves 8.

3 pounds of chicken
2 stalks of celery (Halved)
4 sprigs of parsley
3/4 of an onion (Quartered)
1/2 of a green pepper
5 tomatoes (Firm, peeled and quartered)
2 tsp. salt
pepper (To taste)
6 cloves of garlic
1 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
poultry seasoning
1 Tbsp. of Catsup
2 beets (Bleah)
2 potatoes
2 carrots
1/4 cabbage (Cut like cole slaw)
1/2 can of tomato paste
1/2 Tbsp. of oil
1/2 pound of butter
French rolls

-Cut up chicken. (Raw) Add to pot with 4 cups of water.
-Add celery, parsley, onion, green pepper, tomatoes, salt, pepper, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, paprika and poultry seasoning. Cook til tender, then add Catsup. (Or Ketchup, whatever.)
-Cook beets, (Or not.) potatoes, carrots and cabbage. Cube and mix well.
-Remove chicken to a plate, skin and de-bone.
-Heat 1/2 can of tomato paste in 1/2 Tbsp. of oil until dark red.
-Remove celery, some onion, parsley and green pepper from broth.
-Take 3 1/2 cups of the broth from the chicken (With the tomatoes and the rest of the onion in it.), and puree it in a blender. Add to the tomato paste and heat. If lumpy, puree again. Add butter and bring to a boil, then reduce to simmer for 30 minutes.
-Wash lettuce (I like Romaine lettuce for this.) and tear large enough pieces for bread.
-Cut French rolls in half, (Lengthwise, you are making sandwiches.) butter, mustard and heat. (Or toast.)
-Fill bread with chicken, veggies, sauce and a leaf of lettuce.


Random fact: I'm supposed to be packing right now.


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