Friday, December 23, 2005

I'm Dreaming of a Wet Christmas

Greetings from Salem, OR! The weather here is in the 50's and cloudy/rainy. Phoenix will be in the upper 70's all week, and sunny. (What the heck am I still doing living in a place where you can wear shorts to Christmas shop?)

I have endured the hardships of traveling during the busiest time of year to be with my family for the holidays. I have endured setbacks, missed flights, minor disasters, frustration, sleep deprivation and invasive probing (At the airport. I'm not that kind of boy.) to be with my mother, father and brother.

"Why?" you may ask. (No really, you may. Go ahead.)

Because these people get me!

Now, granted, they most likely do so because they have had a direct hand in the formation of the psyche that fills this seat and pours out these blogs to you. My brother and I can communicate in random movie/comedy quotes which no one else can comprehend as any type of discernible mode of discourse. We riff off of each other and let people try to keep up. (And keep from wetting themselves laughing.)

I love not only the jokes, but the reminiscing about times long since gone and things almost forgotten. I love that I can discuss religion and politics and just about anything, with people who might not always agree with my point of view, but will accept my opinions with open minds.

I am very fortunate to have a very loving and caring family. Granted, we have our quirks, as any group of people will, but I know that I will always have my safe place here, no matter what happens in the "real world." I feel blessed that my parents raised me with integrity, respect, compassion, morals and common sense. I feel further blessed in knowing that I am not alone in my expectations of what people can be, given half the chance.

I can't remember the last time that I have been able to spend time with my mom, dad and brother, just the four of us, but it has been too long. I love the recharge that I get from being with them. This, to me, is what Christmas is all about. Spending time laughing, smiling, joking and being with the ones you love.

I wish you all the very happiest of holidays, may they be warm, joyous times.


Random fact: I am off to decorate the first live tree I have seen since the 80's.


Blogger Geek Girl said...

What a happy blog... :) Makes me feel warm and fuzzy ('cept for the probing part) Merry Christmas!

(And what? There are people who can communicate w/o speaking in a series of movie quotes? What is this world coming to???)

12/24/2005 11:25 PM  

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