Wednesday, January 11, 2006

You Hang Your Hat Where Your Heart Is.

I was reviewing my notes and jotted ideas for blogs to come, as well as things that I have begun writing, but have not completed for whatever reason and I was reflecting on my preparations to go to visit my parents for Christmas.

When I was telling people about my plans for the holidays I kept saying I was going “home” for Christmas. I’ve been to my parents’ current home once. They moved from the Phoenix somewhere around ten years ago and have been to three places in Oregon, intermixed with time in Texas and Tucson.

I have lived on my own since college which was…well, it was a while ago. In the late part of the 80’s. There have been several apartments, moves and even a room mate or two which lead to my current living situation. I have lived in the same apartment complex since 1997, just moving from a one bedroom to a two bedroom a few years back.

And yet, as stable as my residence has been, home is still where my parents live.

Obviously, when I say I am going home after work, I am heading to my apartment. But when I talk about “home” in the embroidered saying sense, I always think of wherever my parents are.

I know that whatever happens I will always be welcome there. I know that any time I want to get away from things I can call them and I will have a place to visit. A place that is as comfortable as where all of my belongings and clothing reside.

It has been like this since I first moved out. I would go back home for dinner and movies or to help out if needed. I spent holidays there and brought girlfriends over, when there were girlfriends to take. I don’t know if it is the cultural background from my father’s side that makes this so easy. I am not really too concerned where it comes from, I am happy that things are the way they are.

This isn’t to say that everything is an idyllic Norman Rockwell picture. We all have our quirks in my family and there have been times that there was tension. But, over all, I know I have a place that I can always return to. I can always go “home.”

Even if I have never been there.


Random Fact: The current bathroom, maybe not so much.


Blogger cyruses said...

This is definitely a warmth and nice post... luv it! And I am officially homesick now ooh... =)

1/14/2006 11:27 PM  

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