Monday, March 13, 2006

House Napping

So I am watching my friend’s cats and apartment as they traipse around Europe for two weeks. This is the apartment where we congregate for theme movie nights such as Zombie Night and Cheesy Sci-Fi Movie Night. Much fun is had by all and it becomes a bit reminiscent of Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

However, there is one drawback. More butts than chairs. And, as I am frequently one of the last to arrive, I am usually standing until someone foolishly gets up to go to the booby-trapped bathroom. (That is a whole other story.) As for those of you who say, “Why not just get there earlier?” Well, I can’t. It’s cultural AND genetic. (My mom will vouch for me on this one.)

So, here I am, with full run of the cable box. A very well stocked couple of shelves of movies. More books than I can ever thing to read and access to a very quick wireless network. Guess what I do. That’s right, I plop down on the couch and watch movies I already own! Two of them in a row! And they weren’t even great movies. I could have at least justified it if they were great movies. Then I fell asleep during something I hadn’t seen, but wanted to.

My pets are suspicious and think I am cheating on them.


Random Fact: Many of the recent “Random Facts” are actually quotes from movies and comedians.


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