Tuesday, August 15, 2006


It has been brought to my attention, at more than one time in my life, that my style of organization leaves a bit to be desired. The ironic thing is that I love organizing things. And even more so, I love organizational stores or shelving type units that have multiple compartments for things. I am always looking at bags with many pockets for things as well as new ways to organize my jewelry supplies and tools. If I had the budget for it, my place would be walls of cubby holes with places for everything and a big, old apothecary desk for my jewelry making stuff.

That being said, the new 2007 Ikea catalog came to my mailbox earlier this month. The Ikea catalog is a form of porn to me, I immediately turn to the best parts (Shelving units) and begin to drool over the glossy pictures, imagining the various possibilities of the images on the page. Wondering what different positions might be most workable and just how flexible the models would be if brought from the page to my own home. I gaze longingly on the pages, dreaming of the things that I would like to do, had I just the means an opportunity.

It should also be noted that, like porn, the pictures in the Ikea catalog are more perfect than anything in real life. They are the equivalent of the Playboy spreads with models, perfectly posed, airbrushed and lit so that no imperfections are revealed. The Ikea shots are in perfect homes. Photos that lead you into temptation to buy the real home, whose rooms will age and get dirty and show their usage over time.

But, unlike porn, I can peruse the same images for the entire year until the next catalog comes out. And I don't need a Kleenex to read it. Plus, I can take it to work with me. It is a good thing I am blessed with a vivid and fertile imagination.


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