Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Oral Pleasures

Okay, all, I have fallen in love. And it has the potential to be a very long lasting affair, too. It all started the other day in a Circle K. I was wandering the store, feeling a bit hungry, but just looking for a little snack, when I saw the object of my affection.

Funyuns. With wasabi!

Now, I thought that once they added lime to Coke, my world was complete. As good as an icy cold Coke is, it could always use something added to it. Cherry, Vanilla, Captain Morgan’s. But Funyuns? They were a perfect food. Granted they were a side. You could never really make a meal of Funyuns. Not even if you were seriously dumped. (We all know that requires Hagen Daz.) (Hey, most of my friends are women.)

But, back to the Funyuns. I bought a bag. Such was the intensity of my desire, the bag didn’t even remain intact while I waited in line. I tenderly, gently took a nibble and was enraptured. Oh god, they are good.

So now I am hooked and I know we will be together forever. At least until they stop being made, which will be my luck.


Another food combination; Mint Kit Kats, believe it or not, not so good.


Addendum 10-20-05

There is something very gratifying about listening to an ex-girfriend looking over your blog and telling you, “Oral Pleasures? Shut up! Shut up! I want to read this!” Only to be disappointed that it wasn’t about what she thought it was. Thank you for making my day! It’s nice to be fondly remembered.


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