Thursday, November 03, 2005

Is it just me?

I don’t have any concrete proof, other than my own observations, but it seems like people are getting more and more stupid as every year goes by. It’s as though common sense has become rare and that critical thinking skills are non-existent. Humanity appears to be drifting through their days in a fog with their hazard lights turned off.

It starts with some of the e-mails I receive. E-mails from people who I consider to be intelligent. People with actual DEGREES for goodness sake! But they send me warnings about outrageous kidnapping plots for starters. (Not for those starting a career in kidnapping.) So, rather than sending out paranoia and unfounded fear, how about we say this; Folks, pay attention to your surroundings. Park in well lit areas. Exercise caution.

Then there is the ever-recurring e-mail that promises a huge check by sending an e-mail to everyone in my list, because Bill Gates is taking over Yahoo. (And the rest of the world, but that’s another story.) And the tag line is always something along the lines of “It couldn’t hurt.” Or “You never know.” But yes, you could know, if you applied reason or, failing that, research. And yes it can hurt. It hurts my brain every time I see this!

And how about the entertaining lists of “factoids”? You’ve seen them; you’ve probably even quoted some of these tidbits as truth at one time or another. But, as entertaining as they are, many of them are false. But people just go on forwarding these things and spreading the misinformation.

Maybe I should never have taken that logic class in college. Or maybe I shouldn’t have paid attention in class. It might make people easier to talk to. If you ever want to see stupidity in action, watch some daytime TV. And I don’t mean Jerry Springer; I’m talking about the Judge Whoever shows. Listen to some of the things people say to justify the stupid things they do! There was one person who refused to pay for a rental car that he wrecked while driving drunk because his daughter, who had rented the car, didn’t get insurance on the car. So he felt it wasn’t his fault or his responsibility.

What?!?! Let me get this straight, YOU drove drunk. YOU wrecked the car. But it isn’t. Your. Fault. OWW! My brain!

The only thing harder than watching these idiots is watching the one we elected. (Well, I didn’t vote for him. I put my mark by “Anybody but.” I find it difficult to have our nation represented by someone who doesn’t have a firm grasp on the official language of the country. Is it some kind of omen that the intelligence of our leaders seems to be slipping a few points with each person we elect? The last two elections I have not been excited by either candidate. I have always voted for the one that scares me less.

I see people having children that can’t even take care of themselves. What are they going to be teaching their children? I think that my parents are intelligent and well educated. I think they passed on good lessons on reason and critical thinking. But even I have moments of “What was I thinking?” There are people who can’t reason for themselves and believe everything they hear on TV or the radio, what are they going to be passing on? What will the children of the bad examples learn?

I’m frightened for future generations.

Random fact: I'm wearing new socks. (Thanks, mom!)


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